Wheelbuilding Basics Course [C1] Class 125.00 Atelier Olympia
Wheelbuilding Basics Course [C1] Class 125.00 Atelier Olympia

Wheelbuilding Basics Course [C1]

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Wheelbuilding is a skill that many bicycle mechanics, pros and amateurs alike, do not comprehend fully. In fact, wheelbuilding is considered to be a disappearing expertise with most wheels being pre-built nowadays.

In this course, we teach the fundamentals of wheel building for those who would like to know how to lace and true wheels without all the baggage that working professionals would need. This class is designed for students to understand basic wheelbuilding skills to build and maintain wheels for themselves in a general matter.

Upon Completion of the Wheelbuilding Basics [C1] Course, students will:

  • Be able to identify and understand the function of a bicycle wheel's components in a general manner
  • Know how to select appropriate tires and tubes based on intended use and handling capabilities
  • Have a functional understanding of how spoke tension works in bicycle wheels
  • Be familiar with the tools and equipment necessary to assemble bicycle wheels
  • Know how to measure components and calculate spoke lengths
  • Be familiar with the wheel lacing process and will be capable of building wheels independently (with some practice, of course!)

Duration: This course happens over two 3-hour sessions which are scheduled separately. 

Cost: Two sessions of 125$ each, for a total of 250$+tx, all material included.

Capacity: Private Class, only one person per booking. Contact us for groups of 2 people or more.

Prerequisites: This is a basic wheelbuilding course for beginners or individuals with little to no experience in wheelbuilding. This course is designed for adults or teenagers aged 16+. Individuals in search of a pro-level course should sign up for our Wheelbuilding Pro Course or Program.

Material: All tools and learning material will be supplied by the workshop. We recommend bringing a notebook to take notes during the class. If you have wheels you wish to learn to build, you are welcome to bring your own parts.



Refund/Cancellation Policy

Cancellations within 5 days leading up to class (including the day of the class) are not refundable. In case of an emergency/unexpected event, rescheduling the class is possible at no extra cost.

Cancellations before the 5 days leading up to the class are 50% refundable (50% penalty).

No refunds shall be issued once the course is complete.