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Career Opportunities

We are hiring bicycle mechanics, salespeople and anyone who can help on our quest to become the best bike shop and supplier in town!

Send your CV to !

Experienced Bicycle Mechanic Prerequisites:

  • 2 or more years of professional experience in the bicycle industry
  • Extensive experience and knowledge in the maintenance of all types of bicycles
  • Knowledge of compatibility and technical specifications of mechanical parts
  • Hydraulic brake bleeding
  • Ability to diagnose complex mechanical problems
  • Wheel Building, use of a tensiometer and a spoke cutting/threading machine (training offered on site)
  • Knowledge of bicycle geometry, manufacturing techniques and materials
  • Knowledge of trends, products and major bicycle brands
  • Good knowledge of the history of bicycle components, ability to date parts and bicycles to confirm "standards"
  • Basic bicycle positioning knowledge
  • Knowledge of safety practices in an industrial setting
  • Knowledge of existing suppliers, ability to place orders (training offered on site)

Salary will vary based on experience, between 17 and 24$/hour.

If you are a mechanic but not as advanced, you can also apply to be an assistant bicycle mechanic and get your hands greasy!