Bike Parts Brands

Atelier Olympia is proud to showcase our flagship brands, each of which you can find out more about on this page.

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Tsunami & Seaboard Frames, Exclusive Distributor for Canada & North America

Tsunami Bikes Distributor Canada North America

Since our shop is focused on Custom Builds, we needed to find a brand that represented what our shop stands for: Longevity, Quality and Craftsmanship. Based in Singapore, Tsunami and Seaboard build frames of any discipline from high-grade butted steel to triple butted aluminium. Wether it's for the track or the trail, Tsunami and Seaboard can build it. Tsunami and Seaboard's pricepoint is perfect to build high quality bikes without having to resort to the big name brands that charge a premium. Tsunami and Seaboard are our go-to brand for custom builds. We're more than happy to be the Exclusive North American Distributor for our friends over in Singapore.


ELVES Bicycle Frames, Canadian Distributor

Elves Bikes Carbon Bike Frame Distributor Canada

Elves is a Carbon Frame manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. Although many misconceptions exist in the cycling world when it comes to "Chinese Carbon", Elves is a big time player in the world of high quality bicycle frames. In fact, Elves are known for their Research and Development work with other high profile frame manufacturers like Giant and Specialized over the span of 20 years. Elves sets itself apart with its attention to detail and custom paintwork (which is available for all to see here). Elves make full carbon frames for many disciplines, with multiple year warranties and excellent customer service. On top of being an ace in the realm of bicycle work, they are also very affordable (with some full-carbon bike frames under 1300 CAD$). Elves frames are ISO certified, with a few frames being UCI approved, which goes to show that Elves are indeed on top of their game. We are proud to offer their products as an alternative to the "Steel is Real" philosophy.

PIZZ, Canadian Distributor

Pizz Frame Steel Custom

PIZZ bikes is a brand built on quality. Mostly revolving around urban bike culture,  PIZZ prides itself in offering well-made products that are exceptionally stylish. From racks to framesets, PIZZ is there to add more Pizzaz to your bike. Thanks to PIZZ, we are able to build high quality fixed gear, track , and urban bikes from the ground up.

UNKNOWN BIKE CO. , Canadian Distributor for Track Frames

Unknown Frame Steel Custom Track Fixed Fixie

Obviously, you can't talk about custom bikes without mentioning fixed gear culture. UNKNOWN Bikes is a great add-on to our lineup in that respect by offering great quality bikes that are both track and traffic ready. 

Bitex Hubs, Canadian Distributor

Bitex Hub Hubs Sealed Bearing 

Atelier Olympia is specialized in custom builds, which includes high quality hand-built wheels. Although we already sell other hub brands, we wanted something high quality and wallet-friendly. Bitex Hubs is the best quality to price ratio in the industry, featuring sealed bearing hubs for every discipline that are tried and tested in Taiwan where they are manufactured to precision. If anything belongs on a wheel of any level, it's a Bitex Hub.

SENSAH Components, Canadian Distributor

COVID-19 impacted the bicycle industry to the point where it was nearly impossible (and still is to this date) to obtain groupsets and drivetrain parts to build bicycles with. The usual Sram, Shimano and Campagnolo had either been bought out by the bigger players or by eager consumers who really wanted to get back on two wheels. With parts ETA's going into 2023 and even 2024, we decided to be ahead of the curve and search for a worthwhile alternative.  Sensah is very well known on the asian market but not very popular in the west. Since we really believe Sensah is worth every penny, we're taking on the task of piercing the market and hopefully improving the brand image from obscurity to becoming a popular budget brand.  As a testament to Sensah's potential, even State Bicycle Co. rebranded Sensah SRX groupsets during covid when Shimano and Sram became unobtainable,. You can see the Sensah-Equipped State Bicycle model here.  

Stone Chainrings, Canadian Distributor


Stone Chainring Chain Ring Chainrings CNC


Stone Chainrings, based in Shenzhen, are entirely committed to high quality, high precision CNC machine processed bike chainrings. Along with being a cost effective option in todays market, they also make chainrings that are adaptable to virtually every brand out there. From 4-bolt, 5-bolt, direct mount, oval, round, and many more, their catalogue covers every spec.