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Bike Repairs, Tune ups and Custom Builds at Montreal. 

 At Olympia, we focus on offering the highest quality service possible. In order to keep our standards high and reduce waiting times, we function on an appointment-only basis. 

To book an appointment, select a service and drop-off time, then proceed to checkout.
For our check the detailed labor rates, please view our menu here. 

Atelier Olympia Bike Shop Services: 

Bike Repairs and Tune-Up Services Near Montreal

We offer a range of tune-up packages that can be customized to meet your specific needs. We offer a FREE Consultation first to have a complete picture of your bike needs and determine which of our Tune ups will require. 

Our repair services are welcome to every type of bike: Fixies, Road Bikes, Vintage, Single Speeds, Gravel or Cyclocross. Atelier Olympia's Head Mechanics have multiple years of experience working with all type of bikes, and multiple KM's ridden in their count. We can help you diagnose and repair any major issuer your bike might be experiencing.
So schedule your FREE Consultation today and get your bike performing at its best.  

Custom Bike Wheels Build 

Our custom bike wheels are hand-built using top-quality components where you can be part in the selection process. All our custom built wheels are laced and trued to customer specifications, to satisfy all your aesthetic and technical needs. We are all different, so why would you ride wheels optimized for another rider?

Custom Build Bikes 

At Atelier Olympia, we specialize in custom bike builds using top-quality Tsunami frames and Elves Bike. Our expert mechanics can create a bike tailored to your exact specifications, from frame size to handlebar type.

Schedule a Free consultation to start building the bike of your dreams! 

For all mechanical work involving builds and repairs, we strongly suggest booking a consultation first in order for us to evaluate you and your bike’s needs. Booking a tune up or repairs without an initial consultation increases the likelihood of unexpected costs and parts not being in stock to repair your bike when you drop it off.