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About Us

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Atelier Olympia is an award-winning Montreal-based bicycle clinic and supplier specializing in custom bicycles and hand-built wheels. For a greener future, Olympia's mission is to democratize tailored bikes and increase the amount of cyclists who truly love their ride. The shop also offers quality maintenance services by certified professionals and retired engineers to keep your bike riding like new.


custom bicycle wheel building and service 

“The Point of Bicycle Servicing should be to keep you ON the bike, not off of it.”

You walk into your local bike shop for repairs, only to be told you’ll need to abandon your Bicycle there for a while in order for you to have it back as soon as possible. It’s high season, and all bike shops are flooded with repairs. You are now Bikeless. :(


Bike shops are supposed to keep you going and make cycling the enjoyable experience that it is. Following this principle, we have decided to function on an appointment only basis. This avoids bike pileups that generally happen in most Service Departments using a Walk-in only system, and keeps you on your bike until drop-off day.To ensure the highest quality standard, we work on a limited amount of bicycles a day. You can be certain we won’t rush your bike: We’ll give it the love it needs, because we don’t have to hurry.