Absolute Tune Up Service  Atelier Olympia
Absolute Tune Up Service  Atelier Olympia
Absolute Tune Up Service 200.00 Atelier Olympia
Absolute Tune Up Service 200.00 Atelier Olympia

Absolute Tune Up

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Our most exhaustive maintenance program by far, the ABSOLUTE Tune Up is great for performance enthusiasts or complete overhauls. This maintenance procedure will make your bike feel like the day you bought it.

The ABSOLUTE maintenance package includes the following procedures:

  • A complete assessment of your bike and its needs upon arrival (Inspection of the drivetrain, your wheels, all moving parts, and flagging anything that could be unsafe about the bike).

  • Generation of an estimate if your bike needs any parts or extra work done

  • Booking the bike for repairs as early as possible

  • Complete Disassembly of the bike including headset & bottom bracket

  • Complete Disassembly and Ultrasonic Cleaning of the drivetrain (Chain, Cassette, Front Derailleur, Rear Derailleur, Crankset, Chainrings)

  • Deep Cleaning of the frame, fork and wheels

  • Cleaning and adjustment of the hubs, headset and bottom bracket

  • Making sure all non moving parts are tight, secure and torqued to manufacturer specifications (torque sheet supplied upon request)

  • Adjusting brake levers, shifters, handlebar and saddle for ergonomics

  • Lubricating the chain, cables and all moving parts

  • Complete wheel alignments and retentioning of your spokes including a Tensiometric Analysis (Tensiometric Chart supplied for quality control)

  • Includes Spoke replacements if necessary

  • Replacement of all mechanical cables and housing

  • Bartape Replacement if necessary

  • Brake Adjustments

  • Speed Adjustments

  • Tire Pressure Check and tubeless installations

  • Aesthetic Detailing (Bike Wax & Tire Shine)

  • Road Test & written Quality Control by a second mechanic

  • A Mechanical Assessment and complete Diagnostics Sheet given at the end of the process so you know exactly the state your bicycle is in.

  • Free basic tune up within 30 days after repairs, valid for the Absolute Tune Up only.

This Tune Up does not include:

  • Internally Geared Hub Overhauling.

  • E-Bike system rebuilds.

  • Di2 installations

  • Tubular Tire installations

  • Bike fitting

  • Any mechanical parts

Bicycles that come out of tune ups are covered under a three (3) week warranty for touch ups in the event that anything originally included in the service needs to be readjusted.


Booking a tune up before a consultation puts you at risk of paying for the wrong service. To avoid missing important repairs that should be made, we highly recommend booking a consultation unless you are certain of what your bike needs. 

This appointment is only to drop off your bike, and does not mean we will begin the work immediately.


Absolute Tune Up Service 200.00 Atelier Olympia