Your 2023 Ultimate Guide of Type of Bikes by: Atelier Olympia

Understanding the Different Types of Bikes: Which One is Right for You?

Nowadays bikes have multiple variations, purposes, and designs for different terrains and needs. So if you are looking to buy a new Bike and you don't know which type of bike will be the best fit for you, you are in the correct place!

When choosing a bike, you need to consider several factors like your lifestyle, purpose for the bike, needs and budget. At our Bike Shop in Montreal, we focus mainly on Track Bikes, Fixed Gear, Single Speed Bikes, Road Bikes and Gravel Bikes.

In this post, we will focus on the most popular type of bikes, and compare their features and characteristics to help you choose the right bike for you!

Road Bikes: Speed and Performance on the Road

As its name says, road bikes are for meant road cycling. These bikes are designed and created to be lightest as possible, sharp and fast. Perfect for long distances rides, commuting to your work around the city or maybe competing in a High-Performance competition.

Road Bikes Characteristics: 

Road bikes are known for their skinny tires, drop handlebars, and narrow saddles. They typically have between 20 - 22 gears to tackle steep paths or speed up on the flat. 

At our bike shop in Montreal, we have custom Build a nice Road Bike with Tsunami V01 Frames. You can click for more details in the picture underneath! 



Gravel Bikes: Versatility on Any Terrain

Gravel Biking or Cyclocross has become very popular in the last years, mainly because of the versatility of these bikes. What do you mean by versatility?

These bikes have similar framesets as road bikes and also the same handlebar. However, the tires are wider, around 38- 40mm which makes them more stable and aggressive for tough terrain conditions as trails or dirt paths.

If you are looking for bikes that are perfect for exploring the outdoors with high performance on long-distance trails definitely this is the bike for you. 

At our bike shop, we have built Gravel Bikes with Tsunami CX01. We encourage you to take a look at the product Underneath, one of our most precious custom Builts. 




Track Bikes: Speed and Precision on the Velodrome

Track bikes are designed for one thing: going fast on the velodrome. These bikes have a single gear and no brakes, which means that riders have to rely on their own skills to control their speed and navigate the turns.

At our bike shop, we offer a range of high-quality track bikes that are perfect for both beginners and experienced riders. Our expert staff can help you choose the right bike and components to match your goals and riding style.

Fixed Gear Bikes: Minimalism and Style on the Street

Fixed-gear bikes have become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to their minimalist design and urban style. These bikes have a single gear and no freewheel, which means that riders have to constantly pedal to keep moving. This simplicity makes fixed-gear bikes easy to maintain and perfect for commuting or city riding.

We offer a wide range of high-quality fixed-gear frames that are both stylish and functional. Check out this Weapon Soldier Track custom build!  

Single Speed Bikes: Simplicity and Affordability for Every Rider

Single-speed bikes are similar to fixed-gear bikes, but they do have a free wheel. This means that riders can coast and don't have to pedal constantly. Single-speed bikes are a great option for riders who want a simple, affordable bike that's easy to maintain.

Here is an example of a Singlespeed Bamboo bike, 



Mountain Bikes: Rugged Performance on the Trails

While we specialize in road and gravel bikes, we also offer hardtail mountain bikes for riders who want to explore the local trails. These bikes have a suspension fork on the front, but no rear suspension, which makes them lighter and more efficient on the climbs.


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