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Winter Bike Storage

Why is it important to store your bike during the winter?

Winter can be harsh on your beloved bike. The combination of snow, slush, and salt can cause significant damage if your bike is left outside during the winter months. Rust can accumulate, and smaller components can suffer from corrosion, leaving your bike in poor riding condition when spring arrives.

Montreal Winter Storage Service

Introducing Atelier Olympia: Your Winter Bike Storage Solution

Don't let the Montreal winter ruin your bike! Atelier Olympia offers a secure and convenient solution for storing your bike during the winter. Our facility provides a warm and dry environment, ensuring that your bike remains in top condition throughout the cold season.

The Benefits of Storing Your Bike during Montreal Winter with Atelier Olympia

1. Protection from the elements: Our storage facility shields your bike from snow, slush, and salt, preventing damage caused by winter weather.

2. Rust prevention: By storing your bike indoors, you can avoid rust accumulation on the frame and other metal components.

3. Corrosion-free components: Smaller bike parts, such as chains and gears, are prone to corrosion. Storing your bike with us ensures these components remain in optimal condition.

4. Get 50% off on a tune-up when you store your bike with us for the full season!*

How to Store Your Bike with Atelier Olympia

Storing your bike with Atelier Olympia is easy:






Don't let winter weather damage your bike. Store it with Atelier Olympia and ensure that it remains in top condition throughout the cold season. Our secure and convenient storage facility offers protection from the elements, preventing rust and corrosion. Trust us with your bike, and enjoy a worry-free winter knowing that your beloved steed is in good hands.

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