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Vintage CCM Restoration

This bike came with a bicycle lot that was purchased during the first years of the shop. We were doing rounds of purchasing of old bikes to restore and since this stepthrough frame was the odd one out, it never made the cut.

However, when the time came to build bikes outside our comfort zone of high end bikes, we knew this bike would be a great candidate for an inexpensive restoration.

The original metallic blue paint had too many rust spots to be left alone so it was stripped and powdercoated in a rich, deep sparkling cherry red with a heavy clearcoat. Of course, the chainguard with tight forming around the frame was also sent to be painted in a matching color. When it came back, we were amazed that it was even the same bike.

We went for silver, retro-esque accents, a classic look with white walls and a wald front basket, topped off with original New Old Stock pedals from the period.

The bike is for sale in store as of Aug 29th 2023. 

CCM GT101 Restored Red

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