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Wheelbuild (Pair) Service 70.00 Atelier Olympia
Wheelbuild (Pair) Service 70.00 Atelier Olympia

Wheelbuild (Pair)

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Handbuilt wheels remain, to this day, the most reliable and cost efficient way of putting together a pair of hoops. The craftsmanship behind every wheel we lace makes a significant difference in yearly maintenance costs, as well as performance benefits. Handbuilt custom wheels are the most significant upgrade to any bike, so why not yours?

All custom builds are coupled with appointments and/or emails to make sure we build wheels according to your tastes.

Our wheelbuilding package includes the following:

  • A Quote
  • Component Selection
  • Custom Spoke Cutting and Threading at 50% off when necessary (Determined beforehand in the Quote).
  • In-House Wheel Lacing and Truing done by our professionals
  • Wheel Stressing
  • A Digital Tensiometer Analysis emailed to you, so we can keep track of your wheel's health. This Tensiometer analysis also serves as a proof of purchase.
  • Our Wheelbuilding Warranty.


Delays may vary depending on stock quantities and special orders.