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SENSAH IGNITE 2x9 Bicycle Groupsets 300.00 Atelier Olympia


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  • 3-in-1 Technology makes SENSAH Shifter/brake lever gear changing easier and faster.
  • Longer Shifter lever to improve the reach from the hood.
  • Lever lock mechanism eliminates shifting while braking
  • 2:1 cable pull ratio, compatible with Shimano Road 9S RD
  • Anti-slip design for hood cover
  • Net Weight: 230g/pc;
  • 2x9S FD:
  • Extra wide link design to increase rigidity
  • Aluminum body and links to save weight and improve rigidity
  • direct mount and clamp mount optional
  • FD-Clamp mount optional: 120g
  • FD-Direct mount optional: 94g
  • Rear Derailleur:
  • Medium-cage design for 11-32T cassette