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Axiom Streamliner Nutted Axle Rack Kit Adapter 10.00 Atelier Olympia

Axiom Streamliner Nutted Axle Rack Kit

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Replaces stock feet to adapt any Streamliner® series rack to fit onto standard 10mm nutted wheel axles. Ideal for electric bikes, fixies, cruisers, urban bikes, and traditional bikes without eyelets.

CONSTRUCTION High-strength steel.
Durable anti-rust coating.
MOUNTING SYSTEM 2-bolt modular design replaces stock foot found on Streamliner® racks.
Fits bolted 10mm axles.
FEATURES Compatible with entire Axiom Streamliner® series.
Ideal for use on:
- Electric bikes
- Fixed gear bikes
- Cruisers
- Internal hub geared bikes
- Traditional bikes without eyelets