Elves Carbon Bicycle Frames

Elves Bicycles - Carbon Road Framesets

Welcome to our exclusive Collection: Elves Bicycles Carbon Road Framesets!

Atelier Olympia as an authorized distributor proudly presents these UCI-approved full Carbon Framesets, engineered and designed for road bikes enthusiasts seeking to perform at their maximum level, with style and at an affordable price.

Elves Bicycle Features:

  • Well-Made & Aero-Tested: Meticulously designed for aerodynamics and safety.

  • High-Quality Standards: Meets EN 14766 & ISO 4210-6:2014, durability at the best price.

  • UCI-Approved Design: The Elves Bicycles framesets meet the stringent standards set by UCI, ensuring compliance with racing regulations for competitive cyclists.

  • Precise Handling: Engineered for precise handling and stability, Elves Bicycles framesets inspire confidence on sharp corners and fast descents

  • Extensive Customization: Exclusive Chameleon Paints,
    100+ standard paints. Own a frame that reflects your individuality.

  • Environmentally-Friendly Paints: Stunning designs with eco-consciousness.


  • Why Choose Elves Bicycles Framesets? Discover how our framesets elevate your road cycling experience to new heights.
  • What Makes Elves Bicycles Different? Learn about the unique features that set Elves Bicycles apart from other carbon framesets.
  • How Can These Framesets Boost My Performance? Explore the benefits of using Elves Bicycles framesets for racing and endurance rides.
  • Are These Framesets Suitable for All Skill Levels? Find out how versatile geometry caters to both seasoned athletes and passionate beginners.


Find your perfect Carbon Performance Bike 

Unlock the full potential of your road cycling adventure with Elves Bicycles Carbon Road Framesets. Designed with precision and engineered to perfection, these framesets are a testament to our commitment to excellence. Handpicked by Atelier Olympia, our selection ensures you can find the perfect companion to match your riding style and performance goals. Explore the range of Elves Bicycles framesets, and embrace the thrill of riding with unmatched speed, control, and confidence.

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Custom Paint Frames Options Available! 

Browse our Elves Bicycles Custom Carbon Road Framesets collection now, and let your creativity shine through our Custom Paint options. Own a masterpiece of engineering, ride with the confidence of a champion, and stand out from the crowd with a frameset that is uniquely yours. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs, receive expert advice, and create your dream frameset that perfectly reflects your individuality. Start your journey to extraordinary riding experiences now!