EASTON EA50 Aero / Miche Primato Track

A few months ago, we acquired a lot of approximately 80 Easton rims of all sorts. 

We had a few Easton EA50 Aero rims in the mix, and were wondering what could possibly be done with them to be properly built up with a purpose. With a few 20H and 24H, we decided to grab a pair of silver 24H Miche Primato hubs and build an excellent track wheelset for training and tearing through the streets. 

The EASTON EA50 is a V shaped alloy rim with a machined braking surface. Being 23mm wide, it's excellent for training on the velodrome or for street use. A 30mm deep rim section was definitely a plus in terms of stiffness, especially when being laced to hubs like the Primato.

Miche Primato hubs were the obvious choice given their price point and reliability. Sealed bearings, high flanges, and 24 holes front and rear made these hubs our go-to. For simplicity's sake, the rear hub was one-sided which made it impossible for unused threads to be damaged due to exposure. 

DT SWISS Champion stainless steel spokes were readily available for lacing this set. Weight not being the focus of this build, we went with straight gauge spokes for reliability and overall simplicity. The rear wheel was laced in a two cross pattern for maximum stiffness and the front wheel was laced radially for those aero gains. Naturally, brass nipples were used to avoid corrosion.

The idea behind this wheelset wasn't to build something fast or light, but rather to have something versatile and light enough to be used for more serious riding and training. Bombproof and agile is what this wheelset manages to pull off. 

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