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Bike Polo Custom Wheelbuild - Sunrims Rhyno Lite/Novatech Disc

Here's a custom build we did for last summer's Poutine the Net 2K19 Bike Polo tournament. 

Novatech Disc High flange hubs laced to 26" Sun Rims with a 3x spoke pattern.

Naturally, bike polo-specific wheels means they'll get beaten up, so we spoke prepped all our spokes with mild thread locker to avoid nipples from loosening. Legend has it they are still straight to this day!

We managed to pull off three prize wheels for the winning team, which wasn't easy to manage since we had laced them the night before thanks to last minute statistics (since not all polo bikes are 26"!). Luckily enough, the winning team all had 26" bikes, go figure!

Thanks Montreal Bike Polo!

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