New Titanium Frames Collection! Shipping to US and Canada available! 🚚📦

Want a free frame? Follow these steps to apply! This offer is only available for dealers. Not yet a dealer? Apply here 

1. Contact us by phone to inquire about this offer. Our hours of operation and phone number can be found here. Shops which fail to do this will not be considered for this promotional offer!

2. After making contact, we will assess your shop, and if you are approved we will email you a one-time code.

3. Pick a frame from this selection!

 "Okay... a free frame sounds nice but... what's the catch?"

Technically, there is no catch! This is purely an initiative to pierce the market with a new brand that Atelier Olympia believes in: Tsunami & Seaboard. We understand the risk involved in a shop taking on a new product, so we want to use this as an opportunity to get our great products in the hands of those who know quality when they see it.

With that being said, we also want our products ending up in the right hands. If we're confident your shop is a good fit for this product and that there's a reliable market for it, then we will ship out a free frame of your choice to your shop at no cost to you. 

This is a limited-time offer, only available while stocks last!